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Croydon small office suites availability

13 February 2021

Sinclair Clark has a growing list of small suite availability in Croydon as follows from 884 - 2,541 sq ft:

Davis House – Part 7th Floor: 884 sq ft

Lansdowne House – 3rd Floor: 1,700 sq ft, 2,500 sq ft

Number One Croydon – 21st Floor: 1,431 sq ft

Simpson House – 1st Floor: 2,541 sq ft

Suffolk House – 2nd and 3rd Floors: 1,300 sq ft, 1,336 sq ft, 1,500 sq ft, and 2,544 sq ft.

Please visit the properties tab for more information or contact Vanessa Clark at, or phone 07889 164772.

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